The Client and the Situation

David had always trusted his nephew, Mark, who had been helping him manage his finances for several years. However, David began to notice irregularities in his bank statements and discovered that funds were missing from his account. Suspecting that Mark was responsible, David contacted our company in Preston to book a lie detector test to uncover the truth.

The Solution

David met with one of our experienced examiners, who explained the process to him and formulated a set of questions that would help determine whether Mark had been stealing from him. On the day of the test, Mark arrived at our discreet Preston office, where our examiner explained the process to him and made him comfortable.

The Process

During the test, Mark initially denied any wrongdoing. However, the results of the test indicated that he had indeed been stealing from David’s account. Confronted with the evidence, Mark eventually admitted to the theft and apologized to David for his actions.

The Results

David was shocked and hurt by the revelation but was glad that the truth had finally come out. With the help of our company, he was able to recover the stolen funds and make arrangements to ensure that it would not happen again.

The Outcome

The lie detector test helped David to uncover the truth about his nephew’s actions and recover the stolen funds. Although the revelation was painful for David, he was glad that he had taken action to resolve the situation and prevent it from happening again in the future.

If you suspect theft or fraud in your family, our lie detector test services in Preston can help you uncover the truth. Contact us today to book a test with one of our experienced examiners.