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We offer a wide range of services to address various issues, such as relationship infidelity, proof of innocence, employee pre-test, and more. We understand that each client has unique needs, and we strive to tailor our services to meet those needs. We are confident that our exceptional service sets us apart from our competitors, making us the preferred choice for reliable and accurate lie detection services.

Understanding Lie Detector Services

Polygraphs, widely known as lie detector tests, are invaluable tools in sectors prioritising trust and credibility. From recruitment to internal investigations, polygraphs provide objective insights into truthfulness. This guide from offers a deep dive into polygraph examinations, their applications, and the nuances of hiring skilled examiners. Learn how to bolster organizational integrity, resolve disputes, and foster a culture of honesty.

The Private Sexual Contact Lie Detector Test

Our Private Sexual Contact Lie Detector Test is conducted with utmost client confidentiality. Our test questions provide clarity on the degree of sexual contact, including kissing, touching, intercourse, and oral sex. We can conduct the test at our offices or your residential address with suitable provisions for success.

The Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Test

Our Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Test provides a safety measure before introducing a new partner to your family. The test provides clarity and assurance that your partner has never committed any sexual offences, giving you peace of mind and a safe path forward in your relationship. Our examiners are APA accredited, and we use state-of-the-art equipment for accurate results

Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Our Infidelity Lie Detector Test provides reliable results to verify suspicions of a partner's affair. The test involves an initial discussion, a testing phase, and a post-test phase. Our experienced professionals formulate the right questions for accurate results. Contact us today for more information on our infidelity and polygraph examination services.

Addiction Lie Detector Test

Get valuable insight into your loved one's addiction with Lie Detector UK's addiction polygraph test. Determine the extent of the addiction and make informed decisions about their well-being. Contact us to get the answers you need.

Dispute Resolution Lie Detector Test

Dispute Resolution Lie Detector Test can help resolve business or personal disputes. Our polygraph machine measures physiological responses while answering related questions. Get objective information for a quicker resolution and rebuilding trust between parties. Contact us to learn more.

Theft Lie Detector Test

A Theft Lie Detector Test can be a valuable tool in identifying perpetrators and recovering stolen goods, both in personal and business settings. Our experienced and accredited examiners use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to elicit physiological responses that indicate involvement in or knowledge of the theft.

Employee Pre-screening Lie Detector Test

Employee Pre-Screening Tests can help ensure the right hires for your company. Lie Detector Tests are reliable for identifying candidates who may not align with your company culture or team dynamics.

False Accusation Lie Detector Test

Experiencing false accusations can be distressing, but our False Accusation Test can provide a scientific means of proving innocence. Administered by professionals, our test measures physiological responses to accusations and provides reliable results. Contact us for a free consultation.

Private Lie Detector Test

Private polygraph tests in the UK are gaining traction for those seeking truth in various situations. From relationship doubts to workplace disputes and criminal investigations, these tests measure physiological responses to verify honesty. Dive into this article for a comprehensive overview and key FAQs about UK's lie detection trend.

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Are you facing a difficult personal or business issue that requires an accurate and reliable approach to resolving disputes or uncovering deception? Look no further than Lie Detector UK! Our testing services are designed to provide you with the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality.

Our Services

  • Dispute Resolution Tests – Efficient and Effective Approach to Resolving Business Disputes and Achieving Resolutions
  • Employee Pre-Screening Tests – Ensure that the Employees You Hire are a Good Fit for Your Company
  • Personal Issues – Including Infidelity and False Accusations
  • False Accusation Tests – Specialized Services to Help Individuals Prove Their Innocence in Difficult Legal Situations

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7 Must-Know Secrets Before Hiring a Polygraph Test Service: Don’t Commit Before Reading This!

In the realm of lie detection services, engaging a provider to conduct a polygraph test can occasionally be a convoluted process. With varying providers, each with their unique operational approaches and pricing models, it’s essential for prospective clients to educate themselves on crucial factors before committing to a polygraph test service. This article serves as a guide to understanding key questions and considerations that you, as a potential client, should explore prior to hiring a lie detection service.

1. Understanding the Financial Commitment:

The initial question to address is the total cost associated with the polygraph test. Different service providers may have varying fee structures, which could include charges for initial consultation, the test itself, and any post-test services. It is also critical to confirm the accepted payment methods to ensure a smooth transaction. Transparency about costs can help avoid any unforeseen expenses and assist in budget planning.

2. Validating Provider Credibility:

References and testimonials from past clients serve as vital indicators of the service provider’s reliability and professionalism. Positive reviews and commendations affirm the quality of service provided, potentially increasing your confidence in choosing the provider.

3. Certifications and Accreditation of Examiners:

The qualifications and credentials of the polygraph examiners are of paramount importance. To ensure a reliable and accurate test, the examiners should be fully qualified and accredited by relevant professional bodies. This ensures they adhere to the necessary ethical and professional standards.

4. Post-Test Reports:

Detailed post-test reports are a crucial component of the service, providing a comprehensive analysis of the test results. It is necessary to clarify if such a report will be provided and understand what it will include, ensuring it meets your specific needs and expectations.

5. Test Preconditions:

Certain restrictions or conditions may apply to taking a polygraph test. This could include stipulations related to specific medical conditions, ongoing medication, or any other potential factors that could influence test results. Prior awareness of these restrictions ensures better preparation for the test.

6. Customisable Service Provisions:

A flexible service provider should be able to accommodate specific requirements, whether that means conducting the test at a particular location or time, or making adjustments for individuals with special needs. A client-centric approach speaks volumes about the service provider’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

7. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies:

Lastly, understanding the provider’s policy on rescheduling or cancelling the test is vital. Ensure you are aware of any fees associated with such changes. This information will be particularly relevant if unforeseen circumstances occur, necessitating a change in your test schedule.

By addressing these key considerations and inquiries, you can mitigate potential confusion, enabling a more informed and confident decision when hiring a polygraph test service. Your knowledge and preparedness will ensure a smoother experience, rooted in understanding and clarity.

We provide the highest standard of truth verification and lie detection services for all issues including

Relationship and Infidelity issues



Sexual abuse

False allegations

Gambling issues

Pre-employment Screening

Employee Theft

Loss Prevention Testing

Committed to ascertaining the truth, Lie Detector UK Services Limited uses the very latest in polygraph technology to find honest answers. Applying ethical methods, a subject answers a series of predetermined questions and the polygraph (lie detector) measures their physiological responses. These include changes in blood pressure, respiration and perspiration among other reactions.

The format of testing and reporting is professionally established and applied strictly, ensuring that the service is both confidential and respectful throughout the entire procedure. The APA (American Polygraph Association) affirms that polygraph tests, conducted and clarified in compliance with their approved and documented methods are supported by scientific evidence. In consequence, such tests are useful and valuable for a number of purposes.