A married couple from Leicester, Jane and David (names changed for confidentiality), had been experiencing issues related to trust and fidelity. David had suspicions that Jane was being unfaithful to him, and the tension between the two had reached a point where their relationship was at risk of falling apart.

After months of arguing, Jane decided to prove her innocence. She suggested taking a lie detector test from a reputable company in Leicester. They chose Lie Detector UK, known for their professional and discreet services in Leicester and surrounding areas.

The Procedure:

  1. Initial Consultation: Jane and David had a consultation with Lie Detector UK where the process was explained in detail. The company ensured that the test would be carried out in a private and non-intrusive manner.
  2. Question Formulation: Questions were formulated with the assistance of the professional examiner. These questions were designed to get precise and clear answers regarding Jane’s fidelity.
  3. Testing: The lie detector test was administered by a certified polygraph examiner. Jane was connected to the machine, and the test began. Throughout the process, Jane’s physiological responses were monitored and recorded.
  4. Analysis and Result: After the test, the results were analyzed. The examiner provided a comprehensive report detailing the findings.


The results of the lie detector test indicated that Jane was truthful in her responses. David’s suspicions were cleared up, and this objective evidence played a significant role in mending the trust between the couple.


  1. Restoration of Trust: The primary benefit was the restoration of trust between Jane and David. With the help of the lie detector test results, the couple could begin rebuilding their relationship.
  2. Professionalism: Lie Detector UK handled the situation with utmost professionalism. They ensured the couple’s privacy, and their certified examiners maintained an unbiased stance throughout.
  3. Objective Evidence: The lie detector test provided objective evidence that could not be swayed by emotions or personal biases. This allowed the couple to confront their issues head-on without unnecessary arguments.
  4. Prompt Resolution: Instead of letting their issues linger and potentially harm their relationship further, Jane and David found a quick resolution to their problems. The results of the test allowed them to address their concerns promptly.
  5. Peace of Mind: The couple gained peace of mind, knowing that they had taken steps to address their trust issues in a concrete and decisive manner.


In this particular case from Leicester, Lie Detector UK provided a valuable service for Jane and David. The couple was able to utilize the results from the private lie detector test to confront their trust issues and work towards a healthier relationship. The services offered by Lie Detector UK not only gave them peace of mind but also provided an objective platform for them to address their concerns. The case highlights the potential benefits of using private lie detector tests in resolving personal and relational disputes.