Portsmouth is a vibrant city located on the south coast of England. It is home to a diverse population with various backgrounds and professions. One of our clients from Portsmouth, who we will call John, was falsely accused of theft at his workplace. John’s reputation was at stake, and he needed to clear his name. This is where our lie detector test services came in handy.

John had worked for the same company for over a decade and had a good reputation among his colleagues. One day, he was accused of stealing some valuable items from his workplace. His employer conducted an investigation, which pointed to John as the prime suspect. John was suspended from work, and his reputation was damaged. He was devastated by the false accusation and wanted to clear his name.

John came to us for help, and we recommended our lie detector test service. We explained to him how the test works and what kind of questions we would ask him. John agreed to take the test and came to our Portsmouth office on the scheduled day.

We started the test by asking John some baseline questions to establish his normal physiological responses. Then, we asked him specific questions related to the theft accusation. The lie detector test results indicated that John was telling the truth, and he had not stolen anything from his workplace.

John’s employer accepted the results of the lie detector test and cleared his name. He was reinstated to his job, and his reputation was restored. John was grateful to us for helping him clear his name and allowing him to continue his career without any stain on his reputation.

Our lie detector test services have helped many clients like John clear their names and restore their reputations. We understand the importance of reputation in today’s world and are committed to helping our clients maintain their integrity. If you are facing a similar situation and need to clear your name, do not hesitate to contact us for a reliable and accurate lie detector test.

The service in this case study was a private infidelity lie detector test. The client, based in Portsmouth, suspected their partner of cheating and wanted to find out the truth. The lie detector test was conducted by a qualified and experienced examiner from Lie Detector UK.

The examination took place in a private and comfortable location in Portsmouth, arranged by the examiner. The client was given a full explanation of the procedure before the test began, and was able to ask any questions they had. The test itself was conducted using the latest polygraph technology, which measures physiological responses such as heart rate, breathing, and sweating. The examiner asked a series of relevant questions and the responses were recorded and analyzed in real-time.

After the test was complete, the examiner provided the client with a detailed report of the results, which were conclusive in this case. The client was able to confront their partner with the evidence and make an informed decision about the future of their relationship.

Lie Detector UK’s services are confidential and non-judgmental, and are designed to provide clients with accurate and reliable information. The company has a team of highly trained examiners who have a wealth of experience in conducting a wide range of lie detector tests, including private infidelity tests, theft and fraud tests, and pre-employment tests. They use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results.

In addition to private testing, Lie Detector UK also provides commercial and legal testing services. These include pre-employment screening, internal investigations, and court-ordered testing. The company is committed to providing the highest level of service to its clients and offers a range of flexible options to meet their specific needs.

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