The sexual contact lie detector test is a well-known method that has been used in principle on the Jeremy Kyle show. Although the show itself only presented the results and fact-finding, the actual test conducted is identical to the private format we offer. Our approach to conducting the test puts client confidentiality at the forefront, ensuring that all work is kept private. We propose questions related to the degree of sexual contact, such as whether sexual intercourse took place or if there was any kissing involved. Many clients are already aware of infidelity that has taken place but are unsure to what degree of contact has occurred. Our private sexual contact lie detector test helps bring clarity to such situations.

Uses of Sexual Contact Lie Detector Test

Our sexual contact test can be conducted at our offices or at your residential address. When conducted residentially, we request a suitable room that is void of disturbance. We recommend making provisions for children/pets or any other potential distractions to ensure a successful test.

The questions asked in the sexual contact test are explicitly related to sexual activity, including kissing, touching, sexual intercourse, and oral sex. We work with our clients to ensure that the wording is appropriate and relevant to the objective.

Our Sexual Contact Lie Detector Test has assisted numerous couples through difficult and complex cases, and we have documented these in our resources section. Please feel free to read our case studies for further information.

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