A medium-sized business based in Bristol had been experiencing a significant amount of theft over several months. They noticed that inventory was consistently missing and there were several unexplained expenses on their financial records. The business owner tried to investigate the issue but was unable to find the culprit.

The business owner had several employees, each with access to the inventory and finances. They were unsure who was responsible for the theft and did not have concrete evidence to pursue any particular individual.

After conducting research, the business owner decided to enlist the services of Lie Detector UK, a trusted provider of lie detector tests in Bristol. They scheduled a Private Theft Lie Detector Test with an experienced examiner.

The examiner arrived at the Bristol office and conducted a pre-test interview with each employee who had access to the inventory and finances. The examiner explained the test, including how it worked, and provided the opportunity for the employees to ask any questions they had. The examiner asked specific questions relating to the thefts, and the test lasted around two hours.

The examiner reviewed the results and informed the business owner that one employee’s results showed a significant reaction to questions regarding the theft. The business owner confronted the employee, who initially denied any involvement. However, once presented with the results of the test, the employee confessed to stealing from the business.

The business owner was grateful to Lie Detector UK for uncovering the truth and saving their business from further financial loss. The employee was dismissed, and the business owner implemented new measures to ensure that theft could not happen again. They recommend Lie Detector UK’s services to any other business in Bristol who may be facing similar challenges.

Lie Detector UK’s Private Theft Lie Detector Test helped to uncover the truth in a challenging situation for a Bristol-based business. By enlisting their services, the business owner was able to identify the responsible party and take appropriate action to protect their business.

Lie Detector UK provides a range of polygraph testing services to clients across the UK, including in Bristol. Our services include:

  1. Infidelity Lie Detector Test: This test is designed to help couples who are dealing with the aftermath of infidelity or suspicions of cheating. The test is non-invasive and conducted in a private, confidential setting to determine the truth about a partner’s fidelity.
  2. Pre-Employment Screening: Our polygraph tests can help employers verify the honesty and integrity of job applicants before hiring them. This service is particularly useful for positions that require a high level of trust, such as those in finance or security.
  3. Theft Lie Detector Test: If a theft has occurred in the workplace or at home, our polygraph tests can help identify the culprit. Our experienced examiners are skilled at detecting deception and can help uncover the truth behind a theft.
  4. Addiction Lie Detector Test: For those struggling with addiction, our polygraph tests can help identify the extent of the problem and provide insight into any potential underlying issues. This test can be a helpful tool for those seeking treatment for addiction.
  5. Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Test: This test is designed to help individuals who are in a relationship with someone who has a history of sexual offending. Our examiners can conduct the test in a private, confidential setting to help determine if the partner is still engaging in this behavior.

At Lie Detector UK, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable polygraph testing services to our clients in Bristol and beyond. Our experienced examiners are trained to handle a wide range of issues and use the latest technology to ensure the most accurate results possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.