Lie Detector UK recently helped a business owner in Ashford clear his name with a polygraph test. The client, who we will refer to as Tom, had been accused of embezzlement by a former business partner. Tom was certain he had done nothing wrong and wanted to prove his innocence.

Tom had been running a successful business with his partner for several years. However, the relationship between the two became strained, and the partner accused Tom of embezzling funds from the company. The partner threatened to take legal action against Tom if he did not admit to the accusations and repay the money.

Tom knew he was innocent and wanted to prove it. He contacted Lie Detector UK to schedule a polygraph test at our Ashford office.

Polygraph Examination:
During the polygraph examination, our experienced examiner asked Tom a series of questions related to the embezzlement accusations. The questions were carefully crafted to ensure maximum accuracy of the results. Tom was cooperative and answered all questions truthfully.

After the examination was complete, our examiner analyzed the results and concluded that Tom had answered all questions truthfully. The results showed that Tom had not taken any money from the company and was, in fact, innocent of the accusations.

The results of the polygraph test cleared Tom’s name and proved his innocence. He was able to provide the test results to his former business partner, who then dropped the accusations and did not pursue legal action. Tom was relieved to have his reputation and business intact and was grateful to Lie Detector UK for helping him achieve this.

If you are in a similar situation and need to clear your name of false accusations, contact Lie Detector UK in Ashford. Our experienced examiners can help you get the truth out and clear your name.