In the world of relationships, trust is paramount. However, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain trust when infidelity is suspected. This was the case for a client who visited our Sevenoaks office with suspicions of their partner’s infidelity. The client had moved out of their marital home in Maidstone to a flat in Sevenoaks after a series of arguments regarding their partner’s suspicion of an affair with a colleague at work.

Initial Test Results and Suspicions Arise

The client arrived with a list of questions that their partner had prepared and our examination indicated that the partner had passed the test. However, the following day we received a call from the partner who suspected that their spouse had sent a friend to sit the test in their place. We assured them that we had verified the client’s identity prior to conducting the test but they still had doubts.

Verification and Re-Testing

In a bid to ease the partner’s doubts, we agreed to meet the couple at our Manchester office and identify the examinee we tested. The couple attended our office along with another woman, who was later identified as the examinee’s sister. After the husband left the two women in the car park, he requested that the examiner confirm the identity of the examinee by looking out of the window. The examiner identified the client, and both the client and her sister were invited into the office.

During further discussions, the husband expressed his disbelief in the reliability of polygraph tests, citing a friend’s experience with another company. Following this conversation, the client suggested that the husband take a polygraph test, which he agreed to do. What we were not aware of was that the husband had already admitted to having an affair with a former work colleague ten years prior in Wilmslow, Essex, during the pre-test interview.

Confessions and Acceptance

The husband’s examination was conducted, and he clearly failed the test. When informed of the result, he admitted that there had been two affairs in his marriage, with one having been disclosed to his wife. He had held back the other admission during the pre-test to check on the validity of the test. Needless to say, he now accepted the result of his wife’s test.


At our Sevenoaks office, we understand that accusations of infidelity can be difficult and complex. Our goal is to assist our clients in getting to the truth and finding resolution. Polygraph tests can provide reliable and accurate results in identifying infidelity and restoring trust in relationships.