We recently received a call from a reputable restaurant in Sevenoaks, reporting a lost wallet belonging to a very wealthy client. The client had been the last to leave the restaurant and had not noticed his missing wallet until he arrived home. The restaurant searched for the wallet but could not locate it. The client then suggested conducting polygraph tests on the restaurant staff to determine if any of them were involved in the theft.

Polygraph Testing
We conducted polygraph tests on five staff members, all of whom passed the test. However, two staff members refused to take the test, and one of them even walked out of their job. Despite the successful results of the polygraph tests, the owner of the restaurant remained convinced that one of the tested employees was guilty of the theft.

CCTV Footage
As we were leaving the restaurant, a waiter mentioned changing the CCTV recorder to the owner. Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, we quickly discovered that the employee who had walked out of their job was, in fact, the culprit. The footage clearly showed the employee picking up the client’s wallet and stuffing it into their apron pocket after clearing the table.

Our team always recommends using a combination of tools and techniques to uncover the truth, and in this case, the polygraph test was not enough to convince the owner of the restaurant. The CCTV footage provided the conclusive evidence needed to identify the thief. As our saying goes, “the polygraph works in mysterious ways,” sometimes telling more about those who refuse to take the test than those who do.

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