When a partner dramatically changes their behavior and becomes overly generous, it can raise suspicions of infidelity or other wrongdoing. Our client, Shelly, chose our Manchester lie detector test service to find out what her husband was up to.

Shelly’s Case

Shelly was thrilled when her husband Gary brought her expensive jewelry. However, she began to question his frequent generosity, as his job as a postman didn’t pay much. When she spoke to her best friend Tara, she started to doubt the gifts and became suspicious that Gary was hiding something. Shelly had never suspected him of cheating before, but she couldn’t understand where all the money was coming from.

Lies About Money

Shelly contacted our Lie Detector Test Service in Manchester, and we formulated the questions to ascertain whether Gary had been cheating and to ask where the money for the gifts came from.

Results Reveal a Shocking Truth

At the time of the test, Gary admitted to impulsively stealing. He hadn’t cheated, but he was being dishonest. Our report convinced Shelly that Gary needed to seek help. He was referred to a consultant psychiatrist and diagnosed with Kleptomania, an inability to resist stealing things. After being prescribed Prozac and undergoing psychotherapy sessions, Gary can now manage his condition with better control over his impulses.

While Shelly was happy that Gary wasn’t being unfaithful, she was upset to learn that all of her recent gifts had come from his mental disorder. She arranged for them to be returned to their shops, and the owners were empathetic and happy to have their goods back without taking any further action.

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