A couple, John and Sarah, were going through a rough patch in their marriage. Sarah had been suspecting that John was cheating on her for quite some time, but he kept denying it. They were at the brink of a divorce when Sarah suggested they take a lie detector test to clear the air.


John had been working late nights at the office for the past few months and had been acting strange around Sarah. She found that he was spending more time on his phone and was always guarded about his whereabouts. She had tried talking to him about it, but he always brushed it off as work-related stress.


Sarah contacted Lie Detectors UK in Durham and explained the situation to them. They recommended the Private Infidelity Lie Detector Test to help John prove his innocence. They set up a meeting with John and Sarah, where they explained the entire process and how it worked. John was initially hesitant about taking the test but eventually agreed, hoping to save his marriage.

The Process:

On the day of the test, John arrived at the Durham office and met with the examiner. They went over the questions that Sarah had submitted, and John was hooked up to the polygraph machine. The examiner explained that the test would take around 2 hours to complete and that John would be asked a series of yes or no questions.

The Result:

After the test, the examiner revealed that John had passed the test with flying colours. He had answered all the questions truthfully, and there was no evidence of any infidelity. Sarah was overjoyed to hear this and was relieved that her suspicions had been put to rest.


The Lie Detector Test not only helped save John and Sarah’s marriage, but it also gave them a new sense of trust and confidence in each other. The experience brought them closer together and helped them communicate better. They were both grateful for the professionalism and expertise of Lie Detectors UK in Durham and would recommend them to anyone who needs their services.