During the winter period, business slows down for many construction companies in the Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead area. For one business owner, this was the perfect time for a holiday in Asia with his friends and co-workers. However, upon returning to his Durham home, he discovered that his money and Rolex watches had been stolen. With no signs of forced entry, the owner suspected that one of his friends had copied his keys. In an effort to determine the truth, he turned to our company for polygraph testing.

The Business Relationship:
Our Durham client had built his business with four trusted friends and co-workers. They had been working together for over 10 years and had developed a strong friendship. The men were known for their reliability, integrity, and professionalism, which contributed greatly to the success of their company. During the winter months, the group often traveled together to warmer climates in Asia.

The Theft:
When the Durham client left for Ireland with his new partner, he asked one of his friends to check on his home in Durham. The friend reported that the home had been burgled and the money and Rolex watches were missing. As the only person with a spare key, the friend became the obvious suspect.

Polygraph Testing:
The owner summoned all four friends to the company offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, and the group agreed to take a lie detector test to confirm their innocence. They conducted the tests at the owner’s Durham home for confidentiality. Each of the friends passed the lie detector test, which ruled them out as suspects.

The Conclusion:
The Durham client was relieved that his friends had not stolen from him. However, he was still unsure how the thief had gained entry to his home. He later discovered that it was a family member, and the stolen property was returned. The owner realized that the lie detector tests had indeed found the truth and restored his trust in his friends.