As a polygraph examiner working in Dorset, I was recently contacted by a local business owner who suspected one of their employees of stealing from the company. The business owner had already conducted an internal investigation but was unable to determine the culprit. The owner decided to employ my services to conduct a lie detector test in order to resolve the issue.

The business was located in a small town in Dorset and had been operating for several years. The owner had noticed a significant amount of missing inventory and cash over the past few months, and suspected that one of the employees was responsible.

I began by meeting with the business owner to discuss the situation in more detail and to identify the employee who was suspected of theft. After obtaining the necessary background information, I met with the employee in question and explained the purpose and process of the lie detector test. The employee agreed to take the test.

During the pre-test interview, I asked the employee several questions to establish a baseline for their physiological responses. I then created a series of relevant questions related to the theft and administered the test.

Based on the physiological responses recorded during the test, it was determined that the employee was indeed responsible for the theft from the business. The employee eventually admitted to the theft and was terminated from their position.

Through the use of a lie detector test, the business owner was able to identify the employee responsible for the theft and take appropriate action. The test provided the necessary evidence to support the owner’s suspicions and prevent any further loss of inventory or cash. As a polygraph examiner, it was satisfying to help resolve this business theft case and provide closure for the business owner.

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