Croydon is a bustling town located in South London. We received a request from a local company to conduct a polygraph test on one of their employees who was falsely accused of theft by his colleagues. The employee vehemently denied the allegations and wanted to clear his name through a lie detector test. We agreed to take on the case and arranged for the test to be conducted in our Croydon office.

John (not his real name) had been working at the company for several years without any issues. One day, his colleagues reported that some cash had gone missing from the office safe and accused John of stealing it. The management team conducted an internal investigation and found no concrete evidence to support the claims, but they decided to let John go on paid leave while they looked into the matter further.

John was devastated by the accusations and felt that he had been wrongly accused. He knew that he had not stolen any money and wanted to prove his innocence. He decided to seek the services of a polygraph examiner to help clear his name.

Polygraph Testing:
We conducted a thorough pre-test interview with John to establish a baseline for his physiological responses. During the interview, John was asked a series of questions about the alleged theft and his involvement in it. We then proceeded to conduct the actual test, which consisted of several relevant and control questions.

After the test was conducted, we analyzed the results and found that John was truthful in his responses to the relevant questions. This meant that there was no evidence to support the accusations against him, and he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The company management team was satisfied with the results of the test and reinstated John to his former position with full pay. John was relieved to have his name cleared and to be able to return to work without any tarnish to his reputation. Polygraph testing played a crucial role in resolving the issue, and John was grateful for our services in helping him clear his name.

Our lie detector test services in Croydon are available to individuals and businesses who need to resolve disputes and establish the truth. Our polygraph examiners are highly trained and experienced in conducting tests with accuracy and professionalism. Contact us today to schedule a test and resolve your issues with confidence.