The Client and the Situation

John and Lisa had been married for ten years when Lisa began to suspect that John was having an affair. He had been staying out late more often, was more secretive with his phone, and was less affectionate towards her. When Lisa confronted him about her suspicions, John became defensive and accused her of being paranoid.

The Solution

Feeling frustrated and desperate for answers, Lisa decided to seek out a lie detector test service in Preston to help uncover the truth. After some research, she found our company and decided to book a test with one of our experienced examiners.

The Process

Our examiner explained the process to Lisa and formulated a set of questions that would help determine whether John was cheating on her. On the day of the test, John arrived at our discreet Preston office, where our examiner explained the process to him and made him comfortable.

The Results

The test revealed that John had been having an affair with a co-worker for several months. Despite his initial denial, he eventually admitted to the affair and apologized to Lisa for his actions. The couple decided to seek counseling to work through their issues and move forward in their marriage.

The Outcome

Although the revelation was painful for Lisa, she was glad that the truth had finally come out and that she could move on with her life. John thanked our company for providing a professional and confidential service that helped him come clean and restore trust in his marriage.

If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, our lie detector test services in Preston can help you uncover the truth. Contact us today to book a test with one of our experienced examiners.