The annual Crufts International Dog Show held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham is one of the most prestigious events in the dog show calendar, attracting over 20,000 entries and thousands of dog-loving visitors. However, with the increased number of foreign exhibitors and visitors attending the event, the stakes have become higher, leading to accusations of unethical behavior by handlers. In this case study, we share how we were able to help a professional dog handler clear her name through a polygraph test.

Our client, a professional dog handler, had travelled to the UK with two dogs entered into the show by their owners. As a handler with an international reputation, she met many old friends and exhibitors for whom she had exhibited dogs over the years both here and abroad. Unfortunately, one of the client’s dogs had to be withdrawn because she came into season between leaving her home country and arriving in the UK, while the other dog was not chosen in the final round.

Allegations and Accusations:
When the client informed the dog’s owners, she was faced with a barrage of abuse and allegations that she had been bribed to mishandle the dogs, intentionally failing to exhibit them at their best. Friends of the owners who attended the show had reported back that the client had been seen taking cash payments from other exhibitors. The client had accepted other work at the same venue and had been paid in cash, which she openly received in the main hall of the arena in front of many witnesses.

Polygraph Test Request:
The handlers’ initial client would not accept this explanation and wanted to prove the allegations wrong. In her own country, the polygraph was commonly used, and she knew that her clients had resolved issues before using the polygraph. She wanted to take the test to clear her name and prove her honesty and credibility, as her reputation was understandably important to her in her profession.

Polygraph Examination:
The client researched my qualifications and experience on the American Polygraph Association and British Polygraph Association and viewed blogs on our web pages. Our team of fully qualified examiners provided guidance to our client. The examination was commenced and our client passed her polygraph test, confirming both her honesty and integrity.

Focusing on the core issue and formulating the correct questions to resolve the matter are essential in achieving a successful lie detector test. In this case, we helped a professional dog handler clear her name and reputation, allowing her to continue her career with the knowledge that her clients can trust her. If you are considering taking a lie detector test, please feel free to call us, and our team of fully qualified examiners can advise you on how to resolve your issues by the correct question formulation and answer any other questions you may have.

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