Lie Detector UK was approached by a small business owner in Maidstone who suspected that one of his employees was stealing from him. The business owner was unsure who the culprit was, but he had a feeling that it was one of his most trusted employees. The owner wanted to get to the bottom of the situation and find out who was responsible for the theft.

Our polygraph examiner in Maidstone scheduled a lie detector test for each of the employees suspected of theft. During the pre-test interview, the examiner discovered that one of the employees had previously been convicted of theft. This information was a red flag for the examiner and made it more likely that this particular employee was the culprit.

During the test, the employee denied any involvement in the theft. However, the polygraph results indicated deception. The examiner then conducted a post-test interview and confronted the employee with the results. The employee finally admitted to stealing from the business and agreed to return the stolen items.

Thanks to Lie Detector UK’s services, the business owner was able to identify the thief and recover the stolen items. The employee in question was fired, and the business owner was able to take appropriate action to prevent theft in the future. The owner also decided to implement regular lie detector tests for all employees to ensure that there were no future incidents of theft.

Lie Detector UK’s services were instrumental in resolving this business theft case for a small business owner in Maidstone. Our highly skilled and experienced examiner was able to identify the culprit and provide the necessary evidence for the business owner to take appropriate action. If you suspect theft or dishonesty in your business, don’t hesitate to contact Lie Detector UK in Maidstone for a professional and confidential polygraph examination.

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