As Valentine’s Day approaches, businesses in Maidstone, Kent are gearing up to provide all the trappings of the annual celebration of love. However, with infidelity examinations being one of the most popular test subjects, it’s clear that not all relationships are rosy. In this case study, we’ll explore how we helped a couple in Maidstone overcome suspicions of infidelity before Valentine’s Day.


Our client couple, Sandra and David, had been living together in Cardiff for almost five years. Sandra was a part-time teacher at a local Cardiff school, while David was the Head of Year at the same school. After the birth of their child, Sandra suffered from severe postnatal depression, which took a toll on their relationship. Sandra wanted very little to do with David or the baby at times, and he felt excluded from her world.

The Incident

After returning to her former school to teach part-time, Sandra overheard a conversation in the staff room in which a newly qualified teacher described her past relationship with the head of year. Feeling her world was collapsing, Sandra accused David of lying to her when he returned home, but she wouldn’t tell him what he had lied about.

The Split

The couple split up that night, and Sandra packed David’s cases and put them on the footpath. David continued to plead his innocence, but Sandra demanded that he leave, and he eventually capitulated to defuse the situation. Over the next ten to twelve weeks, the couple began talking to each other again, but David was still ignorant of what he had allegedly done.

The Polygraph Test

David agreed to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. During the test, he had problems when asked if he had ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than his present partner during their relationship. Eventually, he admitted to having a one-night relationship with a student during his last year at Cardiff University.


After excluding the one-night relationship from the test, David passed the polygraph. His suitcases were in his car ready for him to go home. In the end, our services helped the couple overcome their suspicions and move forward with their relationship in Maidstone, Kent.