Marital problems can sometimes become so serious that the couples involved start contemplating separation or divorce. However, sometimes the situation can be saved with the help of a lie detector test. This case study discusses how a London couple saved their marriage with a lie detector test.

A married couple had been going through a rough patch in their relationship. The husband had been suspecting his wife of infidelity, but the wife vehemently denied any wrongdoing. The trust between the two had broken down completely, and they were on the verge of separation.

Initial Consultation:
The couple decided to seek the help of a London-based polygraph examiner, who specializes in relationship issues. During the initial consultation, the examiner explained the entire process of the lie detector test to the couple, and they decided to go ahead with it.

The Test:
The lie detector test was conducted in the London office of the examiner. The wife was asked a series of questions related to her fidelity, and the results were recorded on the polygraph machine. The husband was also present during the test, and he could see the results as they were being recorded.

The Results:
The results of the test showed that the wife was telling the truth about her fidelity. The husband was surprised and relieved, as he had been suspecting his wife for a long time. The test results helped restore the trust between the couple, and they were able to salvage their marriage.

In this case, a lie detector test helped a London couple save their marriage by resolving their trust issues. The test results gave the husband the assurance he needed to believe in his wife’s fidelity, and it helped restore the trust between the couple. A lie detector test can be a powerful tool in resolving relationship issues, and it is worth considering for couples who are struggling with trust issues.