As a London Polygraph Examiner, I was contacted by a business owner who suspected that one of his employees was stealing from the company. The employee had access to the company’s financial records and had been seen making several large purchases that did not appear to be within his means.

The business owner had confronted the employee, but the employee had denied any wrongdoing. The business owner was hesitant to involve the police without solid evidence and was looking for a way to resolve the situation internally.

I suggested a private polygraph test as a way to get to the truth of the matter. The business owner agreed and we scheduled the test at the company’s offices in London.

During the pre-test interview, the employee admitted to feeling nervous and unsure about the upcoming polygraph test. However, he maintained his innocence and stated that he had not stolen from the company.

During the polygraph test, we asked a series of relevant questions related to the suspected theft. The results indicated that the employee was being deceptive in his responses, strongly suggesting that he had indeed stolen from the company.

After the test, the business owner confronted the employee with the results. The employee eventually admitted to stealing from the company and agreed to repay the stolen funds.

Through the use of a private polygraph test, we were able to resolve the business dispute and avoid involving the police or going to court. The business owner was able to recover the stolen funds and the employee was able to keep his job, with the understanding that any future misconduct would not be tolerated.

This case study highlights the benefits of using a private polygraph test in resolving internal business disputes. In situations where solid evidence is difficult to obtain, a polygraph test can provide valuable insight and help resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently.