Caroline had been managing John for several years in a large security company that managed clubs and bars, as well as collected cash and valuables in armoured vehicles. The company had recently started using polygraph services for pre-employment screening in Liverpool to ensure that the people they were hiring were legitimate and not going to steal.

However, John’s recent injury claim seemed suspicious. Although he claimed to have slipped a disc in his back from falling down the stairs, his doctor’s report didn’t add up, and Caroline was concerned. As periodic lie detector tests were included in the employees’ contracts, Caroline decided to request a polygraph examination for John, not for pre-employment screening, but as an existing employee.

The Polygraph Examination

John’s polygraph examination took place in our Liverpool controlled, secure offices, and the results were available within 24 hours. Caroline’s suspicions were confirmed when John admitted to fabricating the back injury to receive compensation to help him with his financial difficulties.

The Consequences of Dishonesty

While Caroline felt bad for John’s situation, she knew that dishonesty could not be tolerated in a company that was responsible for managing the security of several clubs. She had no choice but to let John go, and his dishonesty will make it almost impossible for him to work in the security industry again.

Using Polygraph Services for Employee Screening and Periodic Testing

More and more companies are adding polygraph tests to their pre-employment screening process in Liverpool and nationwide to combat theft and dishonesty. Periodic lie detector tests included in employment contracts also allow you to prevent existing employees from succumbing to temptation.

If you suspect an employee of dishonesty, we encourage you to take action to protect your business. Our polygraph services are confidential, and our experienced examiners will provide you with accurate and reliable results. Please call our free helpline to discuss how our services can help your business combat theft and dishonesty.