David had been managing a construction company in Liverpool for several years. The company had recently experienced a significant loss of expensive construction equipment and materials from their site, and David was concerned that some employees may be stealing from the company. As a result, he decided to include periodic lie detector tests in the employment contracts to prevent future losses.

David contacted our polygraph services in Liverpool to schedule the examinations. The tests were conducted on a periodic basis and were included in the employees’ contracts. The employees were made aware that the tests would be conducted at random intervals and were required to take them.

The Polygraph Examinations

The polygraph examinations took place in our secure Liverpool offices, and the results were available within 24 hours. Several employees had shown signs of deception in their tests, including John, who worked as a site manager.

John’s test results indicated that he had been stealing construction equipment and materials from the company’s site for several months. When confronted with the results, John admitted to taking the equipment and materials and selling them for personal gain.

The Consequences of Dishonesty

David was devastated to learn that one of his trusted employees had been stealing from the company. He immediately terminated John’s employment and worked with our examiners to strengthen the company’s security measures to prevent future theft. Thanks to the periodic lie detector tests, David was able to identify and remove the dishonest employee and protect the company’s profitability.

Using Polygraph Services for Employee Screening and Periodic Testing

Periodic lie detector tests included in employment contracts can help you prevent employees from succumbing to temptation and stealing from your business. Our polygraph services in Liverpool provide accurate and reliable results, allowing you to take action to protect your business.

If you suspect an employee of dishonesty, we encourage you to take action to protect your business. Our polygraph services are confidential, and our experienced examiners will provide you with accurate and reliable results. Please call our free helpline to discuss how our services can help your business combat theft and dishonesty.