Introduction: Our polygraph examiner in Leeds received a call from a local warehouse owner, who was concerned about a large quantity of inventory that had gone missing over the last few months. The owner suspected that one of his employees may have been stealing from the warehouse, but he had no evidence to prove it. He wanted to use a lie detector test to find out the truth and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Background: The warehouse was located on the outskirts of Leeds, in an industrial park. It was a large facility that stored a variety of goods, ranging from electronics to household appliances. The owner had installed CCTV cameras in the warehouse, but none of the footage showed any suspicious activity. He also had a security guard on duty at all times, but the guard had not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Investigation: Our polygraph examiner arrived at the warehouse and met with the owner. After discussing the details of the case, the examiner suggested administering a specific issue test to each of the employees to determine if they were involved in the theft. The test focused on the question of whether the employee had stolen any goods from the warehouse in the past three months.

Results: All of the employees agreed to take the test, and one employee’s results indicated deception when answering the specific issue question. The employee, a man named John, denied stealing from the warehouse during the pre-test interview, but the results of the test showed otherwise. He eventually confessed to stealing items from the warehouse and was immediately terminated from his position. The owner was relieved to finally have a resolution to the missing inventory problem and thanked our examiner for their services.

Conclusion: Our lie detector test services in Leeds helped the warehouse owner identify the culprit of the missing inventory and put an end to the theft. The use of a specific issue test allowed the examiner to hone in on the relevant question and obtain accurate results. This case demonstrates the effectiveness of polygraph testing in uncovering the truth and protecting businesses from internal theft.

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