A couple came to us in Glasgow with suspicions of infidelity. The husband had noticed changes in his wife’s behavior and suspected she was being unfaithful. He wanted to get to the bottom of the situation and sought our help.

The Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation, the husband shared his suspicions with our Glasgow polygraph examiner. The examiner asked detailed questions to gain a thorough understanding of the situation and to determine the appropriate course of action. The examiner explained the polygraph test process and how it could help the couple find the truth.

The Polygraph Test
The polygraph test was conducted in our Glasgow office, with the wife’s consent. The test consisted of a series of questions related to the husband’s suspicions. The examiner explained each question to the wife before administering the test to ensure that she fully understood the questions.

The Results
After analyzing the results of the polygraph test, the examiner confirmed the husband’s suspicions that his wife was being unfaithful. The wife admitted to the affair and the couple was able to have an honest conversation about the state of their relationship.

Thanks to the Glasgow lie detector test, the couple was able to confront the issue and work towards a resolution. The husband was able to gain peace of mind and the wife was able to come clean and begin the process of rebuilding trust in their relationship. Our polygraph services in Glasgow were instrumental in helping this couple find the truth and move forward.