A company in Durham had noticed some missing inventory in their warehouse over the past few months. Despite implementing stricter security measures, the inventory continued to disappear. The company suspected that an employee was stealing and decided to hire Lie Detectors UK to conduct a lie detector test to find the culprit.

The company in Durham had been experiencing inventory loss for several months, which was affecting their bottom line. After reviewing security footage, they noticed that one employee was frequently in the area where the missing inventory was located. Despite confronting the employee, they continued to deny any involvement. The company decided to turn to Lie Detectors UK for help in finding the truth.

The Test:
Lie Detectors UK conducted a polygraph test on the employee in question. The employee was informed of the nature of the test and was given the opportunity to ask any questions prior to starting. The test was focused on the specific inventory items that had gone missing, and the employee was asked a series of questions related to their involvement in the theft. The test results showed significant deception, indicating that the employee was indeed involved in the theft.

After reviewing the test results, the company confronted the employee and presented them with the evidence. The employee eventually admitted to stealing the inventory items and agreed to return them to the company. The employee was terminated for violating the company’s code of conduct, and the company was able to recover the stolen inventory and prevent further losses.

Services Offered in Durham:
Lie Detectors UK offers a range of lie detector test services in Durham and the surrounding areas, including infidelity testing, addiction testing, and theft investigations. Our experienced examiners use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our tests. We prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and work with them to tailor the test to their specific needs and concerns.

The company in Durham was able to catch a thief in their midst thanks to the help of Lie Detectors UK. Our lie detector tests are a reliable and effective way to uncover the truth and help clients get the answers they need. Whether you’re dealing with theft, infidelity, or other issues, Lie Detectors UK is here to help.