As a polygraph examiner based in Dorset, UK, I have had the privilege of helping numerous clients uncover the truth and rebuild trust in their relationships through the use of lie detector tests. In this case study, I will share the story of a private infidelity case that I recently worked on in Dorset.

Client Background: The client, a middle-aged man named Tom, approached me with suspicions that his wife was having an affair. Tom had noticed several changes in his wife’s behavior, including increased secrecy and unexplained absences from home. Despite confronting his wife multiple times, she had denied any infidelity.

Polygraph Test Details: After discussing the situation with Tom and reviewing the case, I suggested a private infidelity test to help uncover the truth. The test was conducted in my office in Dorset and lasted approximately two hours.

During the test, I asked a series of questions related to Tom’s suspicions, including:

  1. Have you had sexual intercourse with anyone other than Tom during your marriage?
  2. Have you had any sexual contact with anyone other than Tom in the last 12 months?

Results: The results of the test indicated that Tom’s wife had indeed been unfaithful. She had engaged in sexual intercourse with another man during their marriage, as well as had sexual contact and romantic feelings for other men in the last 12 months.

Tom was understandably devastated by the results but also relieved to finally have confirmation of his suspicions. With the help of counseling and support from family and friends, Tom and his wife were able to work through the betrayal and begin the process of rebuilding their relationship.

Conclusion: This case study highlights the value of lie detector tests in uncovering the truth and helping clients make informed decisions about their relationships. As a polygraph examiner in Dorset, I am committed to providing confidential and accurate testing services to help clients find closure and move forward in their lives.

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