Location: Dorset, UK

Client: Jane (name changed for privacy)

Jane had been married to her husband Mark for 5 years and they had a seemingly happy life together in their home in Dorset. However, Jane started to notice some changes in Mark’s behavior and suspected that he might be cheating on her. She confronted him about her suspicions but he denied any infidelity. The tension between them grew and Jane started to feel like she couldn’t trust her husband anymore.

Jane contacted Lie Detector UK in Dorset and booked a private infidelity lie detector test for her husband Mark. The test was conducted by a qualified and experienced polygraph examiner in a discreet and professional manner.

During the pre-test interview, the examiner asked a series of questions to establish a baseline for Mark’s physiological responses. Then, during the actual test, the examiner asked a set of specific and relevant questions related to the suspected infidelity, such as “Have you had sexual relations with someone else while being married to Jane?”

The results of the lie detector test showed that Mark had indeed been unfaithful to Jane. He admitted to the affair and apologized for lying to her. Jane was devastated by the news but was grateful for the truth and closure that the lie detector test provided. She was able to make an informed decision about the future of her marriage based on the facts presented to her.

The use of a lie detector test provided a valuable tool for Jane to uncover the truth and make informed decisions about her marriage. It allowed her to confront her suspicions with solid evidence and get closure on the situation. Lie Detector UK in Dorset provided a professional and confidential service that helped Jane in a time of need.