Coventry is a city in the West Midlands region of England, known for its medieval cathedral and rich history. Our lie detector test services were recently requested by a local business owner in Coventry who suspected that one of his employees was stealing money from the cash register. In this case study, we will share how our polygraph examination helped to uncover the truth and restore trust in the workplace.

John, the business owner, had noticed discrepancies in his daily cash register balances. At first, he suspected human error or technical difficulties with the equipment. However, after double-checking the accounts, John began to suspect that one of his employees might be stealing money. This was a major concern for John, as he prided himself on running an honest and trustworthy business. He had invested a lot of time and effort into building up his business and wanted to protect it from potential financial loss.

John contacted Lie Detector UK to book a polygraph examination for his employees. Our polygraph examiner arrived at the business location and met with John and his employees to discuss the situation. After a thorough explanation of the polygraph test and its accuracy, all employees were offered the opportunity to take the test. One employee, named Sarah, agreed to take the test and signed the necessary consent forms.

Polygraph Examination:
During the polygraph examination, our examiner asked Sarah a series of questions related to the theft allegations. These questions included, “Did you steal money from the cash register?” and “Did you take money from the business without permission?” Sarah answered “no” to all of the questions.

After the examination, our examiner reviewed the results and concluded that Sarah’s responses were deceptive. This indicated that she was lying during the examination, and the probability of her being involved in the theft was high. John was shocked by the results, but appreciated the clarity it provided. He confronted Sarah with the results of the polygraph test, and she eventually admitted to the theft. John took appropriate action, and Sarah was dismissed from her position.

The polygraph test helped John to uncover the truth about the theft and take appropriate action to protect his business. By using our lie detector test services, John was able to restore trust in the workplace and prevent any further financial loss. At Lie Detector UK, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable polygraph examinations to help our clients resolve issues and move forward with peace of mind.