Location: Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Client: Sarah (name changed for privacy)

Sarah and her ex-partner, Tom, had been separated for several months and were in the process of sorting out the custody arrangements for their young daughter, Emily. Sarah had concerns about Tom’s parenting abilities and his alcohol consumption. She believed that he was drinking excessively and potentially putting their daughter’s safety at risk. Tom, on the other hand, denied any excessive drinking and accused Sarah of being overly controlling and jealous.

Sarah approached Lie Detector UK, a professional polygraph testing company based in Coventry, to conduct a lie detector test on Tom. The purpose of the test was to determine whether Tom was drinking excessively and potentially putting their daughter at risk.

The polygraph examiner, a highly trained and experienced professional, met with Tom and Sarah separately to discuss the test and go over the questions that would be asked during the examination. The examiner explained the process and ensured that both parties were comfortable and understood the purpose of the test. The actual test took around two hours, during which time the examiner monitored Tom’s physiological responses as he answered a series of questions related to his alcohol consumption and potential risk to Emily.

The results of the lie detector test revealed that Tom was indeed drinking excessively and potentially putting their daughter’s safety at risk. This information was used in the custody case, and Sarah was able to get full custody of their daughter with supervised visitation for Tom until he could demonstrate that he was no longer drinking excessively.

The use of a lie detector test in this case helped to resolve a contentious and emotionally charged child custody dispute. By obtaining clear and objective evidence, Sarah was able to protect her daughter from potential harm and ensure that she received the best possible care. Lie Detector UK provided a professional and confidential service that helped to bring a fair and just resolution to a difficult situation.