At Lie Detector UK, we are committed to providing high-quality and accurate lie detector test services to help individuals and businesses uncover the truth. Our experienced examiners have helped many clients in Bristol and beyond to resolve a wide range of issues, from infidelity to theft. In this case study, we will explore how we helped a Bristol-based business to identify a thief using our lie detector test service.

The Problem

Our client, a small business in Bristol, had been experiencing significant losses of stock and cash over a period of several months. The business owner suspected that one of their employees was responsible for the theft, but had no concrete evidence to support their suspicions. Despite increasing security measures, the thefts continued and the business was suffering financially.

The Solution

The business owner contacted Lie Detector UK for assistance in identifying the thief. We arranged for one of our experienced examiners to visit the business premises in Bristol to conduct a lie detector test on each employee, including the business owner.

 The Process

The lie detector test involved a pre-test interview to establish a baseline of physiological responses, followed by a series of questions that were tailored to the specific issue of the theft. Our examiner used advanced polygraph equipment to monitor the examinee’s physiological responses during the test, including changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and sweat gland activity.

The Result

The results of the lie detector test identified one of the employees as having a significant reaction to the theft-related questions, indicating that they were being deceptive. Further investigation revealed that the employee had been stealing stock and cash from the business over a period of several months, and had hidden the stolen items in their locker.

The Outcome

Thanks to the results of the lie detector test, the business owner was able to confront the employee with solid evidence of their theft. The employee admitted to the theft and was immediately terminated from their employment. The business owner was able to recover the stolen stock and cash and take steps to prevent further thefts from occurring in the future. The use of a lie detector test helped to restore trust among the remaining employees and ensured that the business could continue to operate successfully.


At Lie Detector UK, we understand the importance of uncovering the truth in a wide range of situations, including business theft. Our experienced examiners use advanced polygraph equipment and techniques to provide accurate and reliable results to our clients in Bristol and beyond. If you are facing a similar issue, contact us today to find out how we can help you uncover the truth.

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