A Bristol client approached our lie detector testing service to resolve a family dispute over a missing engagement ring. The client had taken care of her mother-in-law in her final days and was given her precious engagement ring. The client’s sister-in-law was resentful of this, and during a Christmas dinner, the client noticed that her engagement and wedding rings were missing. The client suspected her sister-in-law had stolen them, and to resolve the matter, both agreed to take lie detector tests.

The Importance of Focusing on the Core Issue:

The client produced a list of 18 questions, losing focus on the central issue. When disputes arise, emotions often take over, and lists of unimportant issues get raised, which fail to address the central issue. At our Bristol office, our experienced examiners guided both clients to focus on the core issue and formulate the correct questions to resolve the matter.

The Lie Detector Test Results:

The sister-in-law was examined first, denying taking the rings, and she failed the test. Our client was being examined simultaneously by a second examiner and passed the polygraph examination, clearing her of any wrongdoing.


Focusing on the core issue and formulating the correct questions to resolve the matter are essential to achieve a successful lie detector test. If you are considering taking a lie detector test, our team of fully qualified examiners can advise you on how to resolve your issues and provide free advice.

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