The Situation

Kelly had been in a long-term relationship with her partner, Mark, when she discovered that he had been convicted of a sexual offense before they met. While Mark had been upfront about his past when they first started dating, Kelly was still struggling with trust issues and wanted to make sure that he was not hiding anything from her.

The Solution

Kelly decided to seek out a partner sex offender lie detector test service in Bolton to help her verify Mark’s claims and put her mind at ease. After researching several companies, she chose our company based on our reputation for providing accurate and reliable lie detector tests.

The Process

Our examiner explained the process to Kelly and formulated a set of questions that would help determine whether Mark had been truthful about his past and whether he posed any risk to Kelly or others. On the day of the test, Mark arrived at our Bolton office, where our examiner explained the process to him and made him comfortable.

The Results

The test revealed that Mark had been truthful about his past and was not a risk to Kelly or others. Kelly was relieved to learn the truth and felt more comfortable moving forward in her relationship with Mark.

The Outcome

Thanks to our partner sex offender lie detector test service in Bolton, Kelly was able to verify Mark’s claims and restore trust in their relationship. She thanked our company for providing a professional and confidential service that helped her make informed decisions about her relationship.

If you have concerns about your partner’s past or suspect that they may be hiding something from you, our partner sex offender lie detector test services in Bolton can help you uncover the truth and restore trust in your relationship. Contact us today to book a test with one of our experienced examiners.

The Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Test in Bolton is a service designed to help individuals determine if their partner has a history of sexual offenses or if they pose a risk to them or others. The test is conducted using a polygraph machine and a set of carefully formulated questions to determine the truthfulness of the partner’s claims. The test is conducted in a private and confidential environment by an experienced examiner who specializes in partner sex offender tests. This service is particularly useful for individuals who have concerns about their partner’s past or behavior and want to verify their partner’s claims to restore trust in the relationship.

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