Employee theft is a common problem in the retail industry, and it can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. In a retail store in Ashford, the management team had suspected that one of their employees was stealing merchandise from the store. They had tried to investigate the matter internally, but they were unable to determine who the culprit was. They contacted us at Ashford Lie Detector Test to help resolve the situation.

The management team had noticed that several high-value items had gone missing from the store over the past few weeks. They suspected that one of their employees was responsible, but they were unsure who it could be. They decided to hire us to administer a polygraph test to all employees who had access to the missing items.

Polygraph Test Request:
The management team wanted to identify the employee who was responsible for the theft. They believed that a polygraph test could help them to narrow down the list of suspects and determine who was guilty of stealing the missing items.

Polygraph Examination:
Our team of experienced examiners administered the polygraph test to all employees who had access to the missing items. The test focused on questions related to the theft of the missing items, and the results were clear: one of the employees had lied during the test, indicating that they were most likely responsible for the theft.

Confession and Outcome:
The employee who had failed the polygraph test was confronted by the management team, and they confessed to stealing the missing items. The employee was subsequently dismissed from their position, and the matter was resolved.

The use of a polygraph test can be an effective tool in resolving theft accusations in the workplace. By administering the test to all employees with access to the missing items, we were able to identify the guilty party and resolve the situation for our client. If you are a business owner or manager in Ashford and are dealing with a similar situation, please do not hesitate to contact us at Ashford Lie Detector Test. We can provide you with guidance on the best approach to take and help you to resolve the matter quickly and effectively.

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