A married couple in Ashford contacted Lie Detectors UK after the husband suspected his wife of infidelity. He had noticed changes in her behaviour, including secretive phone calls and unexplained absences from home. The husband was devastated and wanted to find out the truth.

Polygraph Test Request:
Our team of experienced examiners in Ashford worked with the husband to formulate the appropriate questions to address his specific concerns. We also conducted a pre-test interview with the wife to establish a baseline and assess her suitability for the test.

Polygraph Examination:
The polygraph test was conducted in our Ashford office, and the results showed that the wife was being deceptive during the test. Upon further questioning, she admitted to having an affair with a colleague at work. The husband was understandably upset, but appreciated the truth.

Post-Test Support:
Our examiners provided post-test support to both the husband and wife, offering advice and guidance on how to move forward from this difficult situation. We also recommended counselling services to help the couple work through their emotions and rebuild their relationship.

The polygraph test helped the husband get the answers he needed to move forward and make informed decisions about his future. Our team of experienced examiners in Ashford provided a confidential and professional service, with a focus on empathy and support for our clients. If you suspect infidelity in your relationship or have other concerns, contact Lie Detectors UK in Ashford for a confidential consultation. Our team is here to help you get the answers you need to move forward