A local business owner in Ashford contacted us at Lie Detectors UK after noticing discrepancies in their stock levels and missing cash from their till. Suspecting theft by one of their employees, the business owner asked us to conduct a lie detector test to identify the culprit.

Polygraph Test Request:
We worked with the business owner to formulate the appropriate questions to address their specific concerns, focusing on the timeframe and location of the missing items. We also interviewed several employees who were working during the time the theft occurred.

Polygraph Examination:
The polygraph test was conducted in our Ashford office, and the results showed that one of the employees was being deceptive during the test. Upon further investigation, it was found that this employee had stolen the missing items and cash from the business. The employee was confronted with the results of the polygraph test and immediately confessed to the theft.

The polygraph test helped the business owner identify the employee responsible for the theft and take appropriate action to resolve the issue. Our experienced examiners and thorough investigation process provided a reliable and efficient solution to the business owner’s problem. If you’re experiencing theft in your business or suspect one of your employees of wrongdoing, contact Lie Detectors UK in Ashford for a confidential consultation.